Baltec: agilidade nos processos e alta qualidade dos produtos

Tubo & Companhia – ANO IX – Nº 57

CML International Welcomes Guest

CML International was pleased to welcome Mr. Baldassari, owner of Baltec Com. Repres. Import- Export Ltda, Ercolina Brazilian official dealer based in Sao Paulo. During his visit to CML International S. p. A. headquarters, expanding markets and product training were discussed. Thank you to Mr. Baldassari for your support of Ercolina.

Ercolina Flanging Machine ERCOFLANGE EFB 220

Ercolina’s Flanging Machine ERCOFLANGE EFB 220

Ercoflange EFB220The ERCOFLANGE EFB 220 is designed to meet the high quality standards specific to the naval, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and petrochemical (oil & gas) fields.

Ercolina® EFB220 uniformly cold forms a variety material including stainless, steel, copper and aluminum to 37° and 90° flanges in tubes 20 to 220 millimeter diameter with maximum wall thickness of 5 mm thick. The innovative forming process uses series double conical tools to avoid swelling and deforming the flange. Greater accuracy minimum deformation result in less post forming operations and higher productivity. The EFB 220 is equipped with a PLC control with touch screen 5.7″ to easily control settings and machine operation.

We invite you to contact our Commercial Department ( for detailed information and to learn more about our international dealer network.



Ercolina CE40M2A Angle Roll

Ercolina’s CE40M2A Angle Roll – Section Bender

CML International is pleased to introduce the new ErcolinaCE40M2A Angle Roll, with capacity of 60 x 2 mm round tube, (1-1/2″ gas Sch. 40) and (1-1/2″ 38MM angle iron). Ercolina’s CE40M2A is ideal for general purpose fabricating and roll bending a wide variety of materials and shapes including pipe, tube, angle iron, channels and extrusions.

The CE40M2A’s new A-frame is engineered for strength and manufactured from high quality spheroidal cast iron. Forty millimeter tooling shafts are forged for greater strength than traditional machined and hardened shafts, resulting in minimal deflection and greater accuracy when rolling. Manual center roll with position with analog read out allow the operator to easily monitor tooling location and create repeatable parts. Simple electronic design with inverter drive reduces power consumption and improves efficiency. All electric components are commercially available. Two bending speeds of 6 or 12 rpm increase productivity based on the profile. Machine designed to roll in horizontal or vertical position for greater versatility. CE40MA2 includes Universal tooling set and foot pedal for operator convenience. Ercolina’s optional anti-twist accessory mounts to A-frame quickly when bending Angle Iron “Leg In”.



Ercolina Unveils New and Improved Rotary Draw Tube & Pipe Bender

Ercolina’s TB130 Top Bender

TB130 Top BenderConfirming our commitment to market demands, Ercolina introduces the TB130 rotary draw bender. With capacity to 5 inch (130MM) tube, the TB130 is ideal for producing consistent quality bends in large pipe, tube, squares, solids and other profiles. Tooling available with bend center line radius small as two times the material diameter. Patented quick-change tooling system with multiple radii available.

Interactive PLC touch screen control allows operator easy access to auto and manual bending modes, angle programming, machine diagnostics and multiple language capability. Program and memorizes bend angles 0° to 180° – with 12 individual bends per program. Independent spring back compensation is available for each bend. USB port for software updates and storage of unlimited programs. Digital display monitors counter bend die axis position and bend angle.

Machine gear head manufactured from high grade cast iron design matched with high precision planetary reducer reliably produces quality, repeatable bends with minimum maintenance requirements. Machine protected by auto load sensing and all electrical components UL, CSA and CE approved. No hydraulic components, reducing cost and improving bend accuracy and productivity.


Ercolina USA Newsletter Launched


CML USA, Inc. proudly announces the launch or their online newsletter, Bends Over America. The first issue was released September 1, 2012 and will feature articles discussing various product highlights and applications. The February 2013 issue offers an opportunity to win a $25 gift card to Texas Roadhouse Restaurant – check it out soon! 


Mandrel Bending

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NEW from Ercolina – TM76 Top Mandrel Bender

Cost Effectively Replace Outdated Hydraulic Bending Machines with Ercolina’s NEW TM76® Top Mandrel Bender

TM76 Top Mandrel BenderErcolina introduces the TM76® Top Mandrel Bender which has a bending capacity to 3″ round tube and multiple profiles and is capable of bends to CLR as small as 1.5D. Model TM76® is ideal for prototype or daily production. USB features unlimited storage of bend programs, material library and job information. The TM76® control is designed for easy access to manual and auto operating modes, system diagnostics and multiple languages with an interactive touch screen displaying absolute (ABS) or incremental (INC) positioning with inch or metric readout. Model TM76 incorporates programmable mandrel positioning with anticipated mandrel retraction, clamping, pressure die and boost die movements. Tailstock Y and B position display resets to zero after each bend for easy setup while maintaining absolute position. Heavy one-piece steel structure improves rigidity and minimizes vibration.

TB100 – Simplified Touch Screen Control

Simplified Touch Screen Control for Programmable Repeatable Bending

Bending Capacity to 4 Inches

Ercolina®’s Top Bender model TB100 is ideal for producing consistent quality bends in large diameter pipe, tube, squares, rectangular, solids and other profiles. PLC touch screen control offers easy access to automatic and manual operating modes, programming, system diagnostics and multiple language capability. Digital display of counterbend die axis and bend angle. Bends to a centerline radius as small as 2D. Bend any angle to 180˚ with independent spring back compensation for each bend. Unlimited program storage available with USB – up to 12 bends per program. Patented quick-change tooling system with multiple radii available. Engineered heavy-duty steel gear case accepts bend profiles with CLR to 18″. Class 3 safety hand-held remote control for bend, return and emergency stop functions. Patented swing away counterbending die vise. Auto load sensing improves bend productivity while protecting machine components. No hydraulic components reduces cost and improves bend accuracy.